Natural Solution Mint Essential Oil - 10 Ml

  • Natural Solution Mint essential oil is known for cooling & refreshing effects.
  • Multipurpose usages include aromatic, topical and internal.
  • Provide relaxing, cooling sensation that promotes focus and energy.
  • Great for Aromatherapy and use with a diffuser.
  • Instill sense of deep tranquility making it perfect for meditation & massage.
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Natural Solution Mint essential oil is 100% pure extract of peppermint that has multi-diverse benefits for health and skin care. Its use in a diffuser will help you keep calm and feel relaxed while adding a few drops in bath or spa will give you an entirely new experience of the refreshing bath. In addition to that its message is helpful in headache, muscles aches and other illnesses. By inhaling it, your respiratory function will improve while it can also restore feeling of comfort and ease against worry, grief and heaviness.

Natural Solution essential oils are suitable for personal care, skin care, body massage, hair care, or enhance shampoos, lotions, soaps, bath bombs and SPA.

Use 1-3 drops in hot water for a stream treatment over the skin or for a hot or cold compress.

For a Relaxing bath, Add a diluted 3-6 drops of essential oil in at least 1 tsp. of carrier emulsifying agent to warm water.

Make DIY Cleaning Solution with Diluted Essential oil.

Use 5-7 drops of essential oil in ultrasonic diffusers.

Make your own massage oil by diluting essential s with carrier oil at 1-3%.

Make DIY beauty products with diluted essential oils.

Natural Solution mint essential oil is highly concentrated, therefore should be used with care by the people having damaged or hypersensitive skin. Pregnant women and children should also avoid using it.

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