Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak, Chamomile, | 500 G

INGREDIENTS BENEFITS: Natural Solution body soak is composed of using Himalayan Pink salt that has amazing therapeutic properties. It can mineralize your body and relaxes the sore muscles and tired feet. The other ingredient Chamomile has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-fungal properties. WBM body soak may help to treat acnes and sensitive skin types. Chamomile is a natural skin lightener as it glows the skin.
BODY SOAK FOR SORE MUSCLES: Taking bath with our body soak after a long day can help to relieve tired muscles, joints and feet and relax your whole body.
AIR TIGHT PACKING: Natural care bathsoak packing is just amazing. Our Body soak is packed in a jar that is air tight thus it saves salt from humidity and makes it reliable to use for long time period. Our body soak is available in 3 different sizes 5 lbs. 2.5 lbs. and 500 g.
PARTNERNED WITH DR BARBARA HENDEL: Natural Solution Chamomile body soak is partnered with Barbara Hendel the author of Water and salt: The essence of life.
CERTIFIED FOR YOUR ASSURANCE: Himalayan bath salt is certified for our customer’s assurance by AN ISO 9001, CTPAT etc. Made in USA

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Natural Solution offers bath salt that is imposed of Himalayan pink salt and chamomile. Himalayan pink salt is our key ingredient that owns the number of benefits for your body and skin and that’s why we use it in our beauty and natural skin care products. Pink bath salt is loaded with 84 essential minerals that are already present in the human body. It is best for skin nourishing and detoxification purpose. Pink salt may exfoliate skin, soften and heal cracked skin, reduce swelling, get rid of dead skin, clean and relax body skin and kill odors.

Dr Barbara Hendel:
Natural Solution uses the purest and all-natural ingredients available to craft the very finest body soak made. We believe that working in harmony with nature produces extraordinary results. We believe your skin will feel the difference. A pink salt bath rejuvenates and lightly detoxifies your skin, while it relieves your tired muscles and soothes your mind. You deserve a wonderful pink salt bath today.

After a long day, try our revitalizing Natural Solution Body Soaks. Add a couple of spoonsful to warm water in the bath tub. You will breathe in the soft scents and experience how fresh and smooth your body feels. Gently pat yourself dry or preferably allow yourself to air dry.
This product is an excellent exfoliating soak. It is widely used in spas for salt baths and salt scrubs. Used with fragrant oil, it is great for aroma therapy as it promotes deep therapeutic relaxation.

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