Natural Solution Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Salt 1.5 lbs

  • Pure and unprocessed Pink Salt crystals from the Himalaya Mountains.
  • Dissolve quickly and easily in warm water to create an excellent mixture for a bath.
  • An excellent way to benefit from 84+ naturally existing minerals in the salt.
  • Detoxify and clean skin from harmful toxins and harmful chemicals.
  • Makes you feel relaxed and promote better sleep.
  • Relieve sore and tired muscles and makes you feel comfortable.
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100% Pure, unprocessed Himalayan Pink Salt crystals for bath body soak and spa. Not only it promotes peaceful sleep but can also relieve tired and sore muscles so you can feel relax and comfortable after a hard day out. It quickly dissolves in warm water to make a mixture that is loaded with naturally existing 84+ minerals in the Himalayan Salt. In addition that it is also great for the skin as it adds building a protective barrier around the skin keeping germs away while keeping it hydrated for a long time.

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