Black Pepper Grinder, 6.17 Oz| Himalayan Chef

  • HIMALAYAN CHEF’S BLACK PEPPER SPICE: Our black peppercorns are produced by picking the mature but unripe berries.
  • HIMALAYAN CHEF: Himalayan Chef’s Black Pepper is moderately hot, prurient and aromatic. It is sun-dried. Himalayan Chef’s black peppers are left on the vine longer than most peppers, so they develop a deep, rich flavor.
  • BLACK PEPPERCORNS: Our Black Peppercorns contain a good amount of minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron and magnesium
  • READY FOR USE: Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder with whole pepper (3.17oz), Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder with whole pepper (6.17oz), Himalayan Chef Black Pepper powder (1.76oz), Himalayan Chef Black Pepper powder, Ground Black Peppercorns (1.25lbs) and Himalayan Chef Black Pepper whole (9.25oz). Net Weight 6.4 Oz(180)g, its Dimension:2.75*2.75*8.25.
  • GLASS GRINDER: Our refillable pepper grinders are available with adaptable grinding levels from coarse to fine.
  • PURE AND BEST QUALITY: Our products are natural and pure. These are free from artificial colors and preservatives
  • 6 Units/Case | 160 Case/Pallet | 24 Pallet/ Truck Load.
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Himalayan Black Pepper Grinder:

The grating device is at the apogee of the shakers, quite opposite to the standard grinders that have theirs at the bottom. You can use our grinder with a simple wrench of the wrist and grate your favorite spices. This grinder is a perfect replacement for noisy electric grinders. The beautiful blend of the glass pedestal and polished stainless steel top looks comfortable and relaxed in a kitchen. Himalayan chef grinder can be very handy for guests at the dinner table. Himalayan Chef Grinders are portable as compared to electric spice grinders that are restricted to the kitchen. Himalayan Chef Grinders are easy to pass around the table and can be used as desired.



Organic Himalayan Chef Black Peppercorns are one of the best peppercorns available in the market. Our peppercorns are having a single taste due to their medium berry size. Himalayan Chef Black Pepper is indigenous to South India. It is harvested on large scale there. Our peppers are large in size as compared to other peppers. Himalayan Chef Black Pepper is used by chefs all over the world due to its unique, hot smack and savour. Peppers have both seasoning and medicinal properties. Himalayan Chef Peppers are steam sterilized for high purity. Black Peppercorns, popularly known as ‘’kali mirch’’ in the Indian subcontinent, is used liberally in Indian vegetarian and chicken curries and in the Middle East, in meat and rice dishes.

Product description

Flavor: Black Pepper Grinder


Himalayan Chef’s pepper is harvested from the Himalayas and especially Sun dried.


The Bottle is available with the Shaker on the top.


The Salt Grinders are available with routable adjust grinding levels from coarse to fine. It comes complete with a shaker top and lid. And it is Refillable.

SEASONING SUGGESTION: Use as a Tacos Seasoning, Burritos seasoning, Steak seasoning, Chicken seasoning, Seafood seasoning, Veggies seasoning, Fries seasoning, Sauces & Dips, Pasta and Eggs seasoning.

Perfect for the table. Foodservice size.

  • 100% Black Pepper.
  • NO MSG
  • Halal
  • Kosher Certified
  • VEGAN Certified.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Fat
  • Zero Carbs
  • Low Sodium 

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