Pink Salt Seafood Seasoning Shaker Jar - 2.75 Oz | Himalayan Chef

  • Purity: Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is unique in its taste and color. It appears Pink in color because it is directly extracted from the Himalayan Mountains .Dark color of the salt content indicates that the salt content is bearing high portion of impurities like polonium and thallium. Our Himalayan Chef pink salt is 100 % natural salt containing more than 84 mineral ions that tends to improve your health
  • Availability: Himalayan chef Pink Salt is available in both Small and large grinders, easy to use packing to keep it fresh. Our Himalayan Pink Salt is available in both Fine & Coarse Grains in different sizes from. If you are looking for bestselling extra fine size you can choose our salt grinders to fulfill your needs.
  • Health Benefits: Himalayan pink salt is the finest and the purest sea salt available in the world. Pink salt due to its natural content bears many health benefits. The salt content bears marvelous healing effects and is used for healing various psychological and physical issues. The salt is now being used in salt spas for curing mental and physical issues the salt content is naturally anti-bacterial salt and is being used for bathing purposes
  • More than Common Table Salt: common table salt is refined and many others compounds and additives are added in its processing while Himalayan Pink salt is free from all additives, dyes and preservatives, and without any processing, it is provided at your door-step.
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Flavor: Pink Salt & Seafood Seasoning (Shaker)


This is the best seasoning that suits for any seafood to enhance the taste! With hints of Blend of black pepper, garlic, spices and Himalayan Pink Salt, this seasoning has every depth of flavor balanced with a light spice flavor. Himalayan Chef’s Seafood Seasoning is great on Grilled Fish, Fish and Chips, and any other seafood.


100% natural pink salt from the Himalayan mountains
Kosher Certified

Nutrition Facts:
Zero Calories
Zero Fat
Zero Carbs
Low Sodium

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