Organic Spices, Pink Salt & Spice Seasoning Set - 2.98 Pounds | Himalayan Chef

  • HIMALAYAN CHEF ORGANIC SPICES SELECTION: Blend of 100% natural pink salt from the Himalayan mountains and spices 5-piece set in an Adjustable & Refillable Glass Grinders
  • ORGANIC RAINBOW PEPPER CORNS are exotic peppercorns with a range of heat, floral notes and classic peppery zing! it is as a fun substitute for everyday black pepper, to add delicious color and piquancy to all your favorite food
  • ORGANIC GARLIC & ONION SEASONING: Both the Organic Onion with Crushed Pepper and Organic Garlic with Crushed Pepper blends are on Pizza, potatoes, chicken, beef, pasta, rice and vegetables
  • ORGANIC CHIPOTLE SEASONING: The chipotle seasoning has a rich, smoky, toasted flavor that will bring a dash of fiesta to the table. It will add a spicy, robust flavor to chicken, pork, steak and vegetables
  • ORGANIC LEMON PEEL SEASONING: Lemon peel is a great way to wake up many dishes. It is great on veggies, meat and a perfect addition to anything that has been grilled. And also, great on chicken and fajitas
  • Himalayan Chef pink salt grinders are available in many flavors like chipolata pepper with Himalayan pink salt, rainbow peppercorn with Himalayan pink salt, roasted onion, crushed red pepper with Himalayan pink salt, roasted garlic with Himalayan pink salt.
  • Himalayan Chef seasoning blends consist of the most exclusive spice varieties that are mined from the Himalayan Mountains. These are a great substitute for sea salt.
  • Himalayan chef spices have no artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking agents or MSG
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ASSORTED SPICE FLAVORS – Organic Rainbow Pepper Corns, Organic Onion with Crushed pepper, Organic Chipotle, Organic Lemon peel and Organic Garlic and Crushed pepper.

SEASONING SUGGESTION: Use as a Tacos Seasoning, Burritos seasoning, Steak seasoning, Chicken seasoning, Seafood seasoning, Veggies seasoning, Fries seasoning, Sauces & Dips, Pasta and Eggs seasoning.
- Halal
- Kosher Certified
- VEGAN Certified.

Nutrition Facts:
- Zero Calories
- Zero Fat
- Zero Carbs
- Low Sodium

What is in the box?
- 5 Piece Set of Himalayan Chef Organic Spices Selection with Adjustable & Refillable Glass Grinders.

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