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  • HIMALYAN PINK SALT: HIMALAYAN PINK SALT is unique in its tang and tincture. It comes forth light in color because it is directly extirpated from the HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS. Dusky color of the salt content denotes that the salt content is bearing a high percentage of impurities like polonium and thallium. HIMALAYAN CHEF PINK salt is 100% natural. Pink salt contains more than 84 mineral ions that tend to improve your health.
  • SEA SALT REPLACEMENT: Common table salt is refined and many other compounds and additives are added in its processing. HIMALAYAN PINK SALT is free from all additives, dyes, and preservatives. It involves no processing of any kind.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: It impregnates the body with minerals and trace elements important for our health and wellbeing. Pink salt has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties. The right salt in the right amount is actually very good for your health.
  • ATTAINABILITY: HIMALAYAN CHEF PINK SALT is available in a ziplock, easy to use packing to keep it fresh. Our Pink salt is available in fine, extra-fine & coarse grains.
  • BEST FOR: HIMALAYAN CHEF PINK salt is best for flavoring grilled meats, seafood. It can also be used for baking and salt baths.
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Size:8lbs Fine Pouch

Himalayan Pink salt is made from rock crystals of salt that have been mined from areas near to the Himalayas in Pakistan. Pink salt gets its rosy color from trace minerals. These minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. Due to these minerals, Himalayan salt has a slightly different taste than regular kosher salt or even sea salt. Pink Himalayan salt harvested from mines is believed to have been formed millions of years ago from the evaporation of ancient bodies of water.

Most chefs agree that using high-quality ingredients is the single most important way to provide tastier menus. Even more demanding are the pacemakers of epicure food preparation in the community of raw and living food chefs and experts. They create their impressive dishes with the understanding that food is both a carrier of life force and energy and sensual experience. All those who believe in using only the purest, organic ingredients which are the way they use Himalayan Chef pink salt.
Himalayan Pink salt is believed to be over 99% pure. This is largely due to the reason that Himalayan Pink salt is mined 5000 feet deep below the Himalayan Mountains. Because of its minerals content, Himalayan Salt is considered healthier than regular table salt which often has additives. Himalayan pink salt by HIMALAYAN CHEF improves respiratory problems. Pink salt helps to balance the body’s ph levels. Himalayan rock salt works as a natural digestive aid. Pink salt is believed to be an air purifier.

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