Mosaic Ceramic Pink Salt Night Light 0.8 lbs|Himalayan Glow

  • Himalayan salt lamp: wbm’s salt lamp night light is unique - the metal basket Frame is made from beautiful white metal - filled with 100% pure Himalayan rock salt crystals.
  • 360 degree rotatable plug: wbm salt lamp has an in-built rotatable base to fit any types of the plug with manual on/off switch and has a detachable base to easily replace the bulb.
  • Wbm create modern design of each salt lamp to match any style or personality. Use the salt lamp as a gentle night light, or to create a romantic mood. It is a perfect gift for anyone at any time.
  • Home decor: to accent the natural beauty of the Pink salt crystals, we’ve housed them in a decorative metal Frame, perfect for the design-conscious home.
  • 100% natural material: each Himalayan salt night light is made from the top quality - AA level salt Crystal with the best clarity.
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Himalayan Glow Night light has a decent and elegance appearance, besides lighting, this salt Night light also fits to decorate your bedroom, living room and other spaces. No wonder a perfect gift for friends and family at any time anywhere. 

►If there is water in the lamp, please dry it to avoid getting wet.
►Please make sure that the switch on the lamp is turned off. Then plug it into the wall plug and turn it on.
►Each lamp may be slightly different from the image product in color or size due to natural formations.
►Salt lamp may dissolve slightly if it's not used for a long time or under humid environment. 
►Please wipe it with a dry cloth and light it up, or put a plastic bag over the lamp to protect it from humidity and moisture.
►►Product Details:
♥Material: 100% Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal
♥Convenient: Plugs right into the wall with no cords to trip over or extra space needed.
♥Bulb: 7-Watt Bulb
♥Fittings: This night light features a unique rotatable base to fit any type of plug. Adjusts 360 degrees around for horizontal sockets.
►►What is in the Box:
♥1 X 7-Watt Bulb
♥1 X Rotatable base Himalayan Salt Night Light
♥9 X Himalayan Pink salt crystals
Note: Due to the natural variation in Himalayan Crystal salt, weight, size, color and shape may vary.

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