Heart Style Basket Lamp 3-4 lbs|Himalayan Glow

  • Heart Salt Lamp: This is new style natural salt lamp with metal craft basket. The basket is nicely painted in black and with smooth finish. A lamp full of hearts in amber glow adds up more warmness and love to your house.
  • Natural Home Decor: Our Himalayan Salt Lamps have been beautifully hand carved from 100% pure and natural pink salt found high up in The Himalayan Mountains.No dyes, no chemical additives and no fake salt chunk.
  • Quality Assurance: All lamps include a 15W Candelabra bulb and 5.6-foot power cord. Each component, dimmer switch, cord, plug, lamp base is quality certified by UL or ETL, CE/ROHS approved and strictly tested to ensure our lamp is a safer salt lamp..
  • Ideal Gift & Home Decor: The most popular and soothing, calming & relaxing salt lamp. This is especially good for Valentine’s Day. Also a perfect decoration and gift choice under $40 for holidays, birthdays, thank-yous, Christmas, gifts, special occasions.
  • Calming Salt Night Light: When lit, it gives a warm amber glow, creating a romantic vibe and boost your mood. It also looks gorgeous like a lava lamp. Each piece of lamp comes with dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of the salt lamp to the most comfortable level by simple rotation. This switch is strictly tested by authentic testing labs and ETL/CE/RoHS approved.
  • 6 Units/Case | 32 Case/Pallet | 24 Pallet/ Truck Load.
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To accent the natural beauty of the salt crystals, we’ve housed them in a decorative metal vase, perfect for the design-conscious home. Illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow. It's a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk. Great for meditation, yoga spaces, and as a night light. Also, you can try it as a bedside lamp.

♥Here is an example of our customer’s reviews and opinions. I really love this lamp:

I really love this lamp. It has a dimmer switch, which is good because I put it in my bedroom. It does stay brighter than I expected but still don't have a problem sleeping with it there. It's very beautiful and the bottom is solid so I'm not worried about water damage. The rocks get warm but you can still handle them. Very satisfied with this purchase. So impressed with this Salt Lamp. It illuminates so pretty and soft. 
I added some aromatherapy essential oils onto the salt rocks and makes the room smell so soft and natural. 

♥Product Details:

♦Salt Material: 100% Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal

♦Frame: Metal

♦Bulb: 15-Watt bulb

♦Power cord: 6ft Power card with Dimmable Rotary Switch.

♦Reliable & Easy to Use Dimmable Lighting: Adjust the simple rotary knob on an electronic dimmer to get the desired intensity of Glow.

♦Dimension: The dimension are 3.9 x 3.9 x 5.3 inches

♦ 2 X 15-Watt Light Bulb

♦ 1 X Himalayan Salt Night light with Dimmable Switch

♦ 1 X User Manual of salt lamp

Note: Due to the natural variation in Himalayan Crystal salt, weight, size, color and shape may vary.

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