Cleaning Scrubber for Sneaker 3.3 oz|W Shoe Care

  • W Shoe Care Scrubber Provides effective Cleaning for sneakers.
  • Remove stains and dirt from the surface.
  • Suitable for all colors leather and textile goods.
  • Quick Cleaning and Shine of your items.
  • Easy to use and Portable design.
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W Shoe Care Scrubber is an excellent product to keep your shoes cleans all the time.  It quickly removes dirt or dust from the shoe surface. Having a portable and lightweight design, it is a perfect shoe cleaning tool for everyday use. Its regular use will protect your shoes from dirt built up. Unlike other hard shoe scrubbers, it does not damage the surface of the shoe while its ingredients collect all the dirt easily.

Briefly press and apply gently over the shoe surface. Do not rinse off. Wipe away with a soft cloth

5% anionic surfactants, methylchloroisothiazolone, methylisothiazolone, d-limonene, hexyl cinnamal.

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